Thanks everyone who visited us in August!


Hi all!

This month was a month with some very changing sentiments. On the one hand there was the Hiroshima peace memorial ceremony on the 6th, a sad but beautiful occasion. And then there was the first World Fundoshi Contest which was hosted here at Hiroshima hostel EN, an event filled with laughter!

The two very different occasions and everything in between made it an interesting month for sure and we want to thank everyone who visited. We just started in June and in these 3 short months we already made a lot of new friends from all over the world!

Of course we hope to make a lot more friends, so for those who are willing, please recommend us or show your support by writing a review on one of the many booking sites! We eagerly await reading your impressions on Hiroshima hostel EN!

Oh, and don’t forget to tag yourself or your friends so you won’t forget your stay with us! (^o^)/



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