The origami connection


Hello all,

As you may know, folding origami cranes is pretty famous in Hiroshima. It all began when the young girl Sadako got sick 10 years after the A-bomb hit and started folding a 1000 cranes with the wish of getting better. Unfortunately Sadako died at the age of 12, making only 644 cranes. Her classmates folded the additional ones to 1000 with the wish that there may never be innocent victims like Sadoko again and there would be peace in the world. Even today people from all over the world continue folding cranes for Sadoko and children like her with the same wish and deposit them at the Children’s Peace Monument, a statue of Sadoko holding a golden origami crane in the Peace Park.

Here at Hiroshima hostel EN we want to continue the tradition as well and at the common space there are instructions to learn how to make them yourself!

It may be a bit difficult at first, but usually our Japanese guests are very willing to help our foreign friends who might struggle a bit in the beginning! So origami is also a good way to connect and make new friends v(^o ^)

When our guests from all over the world have folded enough origami cranes, we will take them to be included in the Children’s Peace Monument as well! So feel free to help out and make as many as you want!

But of course feel free to create something different as well. With a little help you may even be able to make a T-Rex  (≧∇≦)/



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