SAKE Bar & Restaurant


Hiroshima hostel EN is one of the few guesthouses where you can reach the izakaya (sake & dining bar) within a 10-second walk from your bed. Or vise-versa, haha!

We grab this opportunity and let people from all over, be it Japan or the world, experience Hiroshima in it’s purest form with Hiroshima-produced food and local sake and other drinks.

So after a long day of travel, sightseeing or taking it too easy, you can still experience Hiroshima without going out!

Local Sake & other drinks
Sake is a versatile drink and that is the most interesting aspect of Sake.
Some are made in a seaside town, some in the city, and others in the mountain area.
Each Sake’s character or taste decides what kind of cuisine goes with it.

Hiroshima has many sake towns with foremost, Saijo in Higashi-hiroshima and is fittingly named the “Sake town”.
Sake brewing flourishes in Hiroshima through the ages, but many other types of drinks are brewed here as well.

We always encourage our guest to try something new, because it may surprise you. So why not try one of our drinks?
They are made with love! Kanpai!!


≪Let’s go to Saijo, and try sake at EN≫

We currently offer Ochoko exchange voucher
when you get Higashihiroshima sake in our bar.

You can get a cup of sake
both ‘a welcome drink’ and a la carte.

Take the voucher and show it
at Higashihiroshima City Tourist Information Center in JR Saijo Station,
then you will receive the specially designed
give away in exchange.
*You must answer right on an easy quiz there.

〈Higashihiroshima City Tourist Information Center Google map

Local ingredients produced in Hiroshima
Hiroshima is a home to some great delicacies.
We offer them to you so that you can get a taste of what Hiroshima is all about.


Opening hours and other details
Open: 18:00-22:00* (L.O. 21:30)
*Closes at 22:00 in consideration for our overnight guests

Closed on Sundays

You can reserve the whole bar as a venue for events as well.
Contact us for more details!