Explore Hiroshima on bicycle with sokoiko!

Hiroshima Hostel EN and the bicycle guides from sokoiko! are teaming up to teach more about Hiroshima. They know all the details and hidden spots and together we make the tours even more accessible!

“Sokoiko!” means “Let’s go there!”, so.. Let’s go to the Hiroshima you have never seen!
During a trip to Hiroshima, people tend to go to the famous places only. In the case of Hiroshima, it’s Peace Park and Miyajima. But, these are not enough to get to know the real Hiroshima. There are so many more places with stories of peace, special scenery and friendly local people in Hiroshima! Are you really satisfied with only the guidebook information? Sokoiko! will be the best way to explore the real Hiroshima you never knew! Let’s get going and cycle together to find Hiroshima and feel this city from deep within!

Sokoiko! prioritizes originality for each guest and decide our route accordingly. We use comfortable e-bicycles and because our route is flexible, we can take in our guest’s interests and search for local specialties.

This city is full of experiences! Orizuru (paper cranes), kendama and so on! You can even cook local soul food “okonomiyaki” yourself for lunch at an okonomiyaki restaurant! Sokoiko! can provide various activities cooperating with local people.

“Sokoiko! guides are your friends! Let’s enjoy talking and ask anything as Hiroshima friends!” ~Toby-san (Sokoiko!)

Hiroshima friends

If you want to join us on a tour through Hiroshima let us know and we will set everything up for no extra costs! You can contact us by mail or by using our contact form.

Please visit sokoiko!’s website for more details!