Takehara & Rabbit Island


The Area
Takehara is a seaside town just 1 hour east of Hiroshima city. Surrounded by mountains, bamboo forests and sea the views are naturally stunning.

The Island Ōkunoshima, or better known as Rabbit Island is just a short ferry ride away from the coast of Takehara.
The History

Because of Takehara’s location it was one of Japans biggest salt industries in the early days. Salt being an expensive commodity back then, the town grew fast and so did the number of workers that came to town. After a hard days work, the workers were in need of release and found it in sake. The sake industry boomed and that is why, even to this day, a lot of Japans best sake is still being produced in Takehara.
Ōkunoshima, once a peaceful island, changed for the worst in the the second World War as the island was in deepest secrecy turned into a chemical gas facility. As the war ended the facilities where abandoned and even today the ruins of those buildings still remain. To change the image of the island, rabbits where set loose here and turned tame due to the people that kept feeding them. This tradition continued and now the island is overrun with tame rabbits waiting to be fed and played with.
The Activity
Walk through the calm streets of Old Town Takehara and dive into the towns history by going into one of the old buildings and hear the story from one of the locals. There are even some temples with views over the whole town.
Together we’ll go to one of the old sake-brewers and have a tasting of Takehara’s finest and finish it off with a special Takehara lunch from a local family-owned restaurant. You will be served the meal that in the olden days was only made for Takehara’s beach master and his top guests! The lunch takes a whopping 3 hours to prepare!
After lunch we’ll board the ferry to Rabbit island where you can experience the two very different sides of the island while walking to the top where a stunning view awaits you!
The tour details
The price for participating with the tour is 10.000 yen with no extra costs! That means that the following is all included.

Transport by car (Watch the scenery change from city to nature)
Lunch (Special Takehara lunch created by a local family-owned business)
Photo service (High quality photo’s will be shot throughout)
Local fees (Ferry, Sake tasting, Rabbit food, etc)

The departure time is around 9:00 am and depending on traffic the tour finishes at Hiroshima hostel EN before 18:00 so you can enjoy your evening in the city.