Yuki – River Adventure


The Area
Yuki is only a little over one hour way from the Hiroshima hostel EN, but here you can already experience the countryside-life with it’s beautiful scenery of mountains, rice fields and rivers. Take in the crisp clean air and enjoy the slow life. But do be aware that wild life in these parts is also abundant, so try and see if you can spot some deer, a wild boar, monkeys or even a bear!

The History
The Yuki area in Hiroshima is home to some of Hiroshima’s best onsen (hot springs). The water flowing from the mountains is very clean and the minerals in it are said to have an healing effect on the body. It was made famous among the locals when the feudal lord of Hiroshima at the time relocated to the onsen village after he regained his health after taking a bath here every day. Even to this day people visit the same bath he took hundreds of years ago.
The Activity
The beautiful scenery and the mountain rivers in Yuki are the perfect spot to do some adventuring. Walking upstream through the forest-covered river is sure to leave you with an amazing experience. For the brave-hearts there are chances to climb up waterfalls, jump in from up high and more.

Afterwards there is time to relax in one of the onsen to heal yourself after the days work is done.
The tour details
The price for participating with the tour is 10.000 yen with no extra costs! That means that the following is all included.

Transport by car (Watch the scenery change from city to nature)
Lunch (Traditional obento-style lunch created by a well-reviewed local lunchroom)
Gear (Shoes, wetsuit, helmet, etc. No need to buy or bring your own)
Photo service (Don’t get your camera or phone wet, high quality photo’s will be shot throughout)
Onsen entry fee (No need to worry about the all Japanese signs, just follow us and relax)

The departure time is around 9:00 am and depending on traffic the tour finishes at Hiroshima hostel EN before 18:00 so you can enjoy your evening in the city.